Awaken the Design Thinker Within

Unlock your innate design abilities and become unstoppable. When you know how to design solutions, anything is possible.

Take the Design Thinker Assessment and get your personalized Design Thinker Profile to discover how you are using your innate capabilities.

Design Makes Everything Possible

Air travel, the internet, smart phones, all seemed impossible until they become possible. Throughout history humans have brought to life solutions that seemed impossible.

Reconnect With Innate Capabilities

In recent history, we’ve lost our way. We’ve become experts of analyzing existing solutions to select the right option and have lost touch with our ability to be creators of new solutions.

Awaken the Design Thinker Within

Stop seeing problems as things that hinder progress. Start seeing possibilities for innovation, change, and growth. Gain the confidence to navigate challenges and create solutions.

We are on a Mission to Awaken the Design Thinker Within

Reconnect with your innate capabilities, awaken the Design Thinker within, and learn how to create solutions to whatever challenges come your way. Get started with three easy steps:


1. Take the assessment


2. Review the profile


3. Apply the learning

The Design Thinker Profile

Scientifically developed through six years of research, statistically validated with over 1,000 participants across 20+ industries, the Design Thinker Profile is the only assessment on the market that helps you:

  • Understand the degree to which you are using your Design Thinker capabilities 
  • Discover how to waken the Design Thinker within
  • Further develop your capabilities 

Praise for the Profile

“I never thought of myself as a designer. I've read so much about design thinking and human-centered design but never thought it was something I could do. Taking the Design Thinker Profile has been eye-opening. I have a newfound confidence".
~ Administrator in Education
"There is such a need for these skills in my industries. The Design Thinker Profile has been a great way to get us talking about and thinking about how we can use these capabilities, about how we can be design-led in healthcare."
~ Executive Manager in Healthcare
"The Design Thinker Profile is very different from other assessments I have taken. It focuses on capabilities that I can build and not just telling me about who I am or things I can't do anything about. It is very action oriented."
~ Compliance Manager in Manufacturing
" The Design Thinker Profile has shown me I have capabilities I never knew I had, capabilities I need to use more in my work."
~ HR Executive in Retail
"The Design Thinker Profile helped our squad think differently about how we work together to solve problems."
~ Developer in Tech
"I love that this assessment shows how I can get better, it isn't just learning about myself but what I can do to improve."
~ Software Developer in Banking

Dr. Dani Chesson

The realization that much of her success in the corporate world stemmed from her roots as a designer, inspired Dr. Dani Chesson to start the Design Thinker Institute with the mission of helping others unlock the human power of design. Prior to founding the Design Thinker Institute, Dani career spanned across the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. She has spent her career helping organizations leverage human-centered design and behavioral science to drive innovation, create change and lead teams through transformations. Dani is also an adjunct faculty member at Denver University and Antioch University where she teachers masters and doctoral students in the areas of organizational development, behavioral science, and research methodology. Dani’s PhD work focused on building and measuring Design Thinker capabilities, her Master’s work focused on behavioral science for innovation and change. In addition to finding the Design Thinker Institute, Dani is also the creator of the Design Thinker Profile, and co-host of the Design Thinker Podcast.