Embed Design Capabilities in Your Organization

Most organizations start their Design Thinking Journey by implementing a process and providing tools. This is a great place to start…but where to from there?

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How do you scale Design Thinking so it becomes an embedded capability in your organization?

To be successful at anything, organizations need three things, a process, tools, and capabilities. Most organizations only focus on process and tools. Processes show us how to engage in design practices. Tools helps us to engage in the process. Capabilities enable us to put processes and tools into practice. When capabilties are missing our ability to put what we know into practice is limited. 

Discover your unique Design Thinker Profile

Scientifically developed, statistically validated, the Design Thinker Profile helps

  • individuals, teams, and organizations understand their unique Design Thinker Profile
  • organizations create a tailor-made approach to leveraging and building design capabilities 
  • track capabilities over time to make adjustments as your workforce evolves

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Stop wasting potential, start where you are, invest where it matters.

Complete the Profile

Each team member receives a unique url to complete their assessment online. Completing the profile takes on average 15-minutes. 

Review the Report

Instantly receive individual reports with recommended actions. A team and/or organizational level report is sent to the requester. 

Tailor the Development

Invest your develpment where it matters by leveraging the team/organizational report to create a customized development plan to leverage and build design capabilties. 

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