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Over 60 years of research shows that Design Thinker Capabilities are critical to organizational success. The Design Thinker Institute is devoted to expanding this body of research.

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Dr. Dani Chesson is a thought leader in design thinking. Through her research she identified six core capabilities that design thinkers possess. In this episode, she walks us through those six core capabilities and helps us understand how to be better at coming up with creative solutions to problems.   Check out this podcast to learn … Continue reading Podcast

Meeting 21st Century Organizational Challenges with Design Thinking

Organization Development (OD) practitioners today are tasked with helping organizations develop solutions to complex adaptive challenges for which there are no easy solutions. To solve these challenges OD practitioners must look for new tools and techniques to incorporate into their existing toolbox. Over the past two decades, Design Thinking has emerged in the business world … Continue reading Meeting 21st Century Organizational Challenges with Design Thinking

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