Season 1 Episode 6

In this week’s episode, Dr Dani and Design Pete explore innovation and creativity to understand how these two concepts are […]

Season 1 Episode 5

Do you know how to create the conditions needed for collaboration? In this episode, Dr Dani and Designer Pete explore […]

Season 1 Episode 4

In this episode, Dr. Dani and Designer Pete take a deep dive into empathy. What is it? Why is it […]

Season 1 Episode 3

The ethics of Human Centered Design. What are some of the unintended consequences? How might we minimize them?

Season 1 Episode 2

Human-Centered Design…you, me, we, us, is it only for humans? This week Dr Dani Chesson and Designer Peter Allan explore […]

Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome to the very first episode of the Design Thinker Podcast. This week, Dr Dani Chesson and Design Peter Allan […]

Dr Dani Chesson
Dr Dani Chesson

Founder of the Design Thinker Institute. Creator of the Design Thinker Profile. Co-host of the podcast.

Peter Allan
Peter Allan

Leader of design practices. Builder of design capabilities. Co-host of the podcast.