The Design Thinker Profile

Scientifically developed through six years of research, statistically validated with over 1,000 participants across 20+ industries, the Design Thinker Profile is the only assessment on the market that helps you:

  • Discover your profile
  • Learn how to leverage your profile in your work
  • Understand how to further develop your capabilities 

Praise for the Profile

“I never thought of myself as a designer. I've read so much about design thinking and human-centered design but never thought it was something I could do. Taking the Design Thinker Profile has been eye-opening. I have a newfound confidence".
~ Administrator in Education
"There is such a need for these skills in my industries. The Design Thinker Profile has been a great way to get us talking about and thinking about how we can use these capabilities, about how we can be design-led in healthcare."
~ Executive Manager in Healthcare
"The Design Thinker Profile is very different from other assessments I have taken. It focuses on capabilities that I can build and not just telling me about who I am or things I can't do anything about. It is very action oriented."
~ Compliance Manager in Manufacturing
" The Design Thinker Profile has shown me I have capabilities I never knew I had, capabilities I need to use more in my work."
~ HR Executive in Retail
"The Design Thinker Profile helped our squad think differently about how we work together to solve problems."
~ Developer in Tech
"I love that this assessment shows how I can get better, it isn't just learning about myself but what I can do to improve."
~ Software Developer in Banking

Get started with three easy steps.

Reconnect with your innate capabilities, learn how to leverage your profile to solve complex challenges, and understand how to continuously develop the Design Thinker within. 


1. Take the assessment


2. Review the profile


3. Apply the learning

Ready to unleash the Design Thinkers?

Take the assessment and discover your Design Thinker Profile. Learn how to strengthen and leverage your capabilities. 

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