Design Thinking Process Models: Which Process Model Should I Use?

A question that emerges when discussing adopting a design thinking approach is, which process model should we use. Several different process models are available (see IDEO’s HCD Process,’s 5 Stage Process, the Double Diamond Process from the UK Design Council) and it can be confusing trying to figure out which process to follow. So, […]

Design Thinking is NOT…Three Misconceptions Addressed

  Design thinking has become a familiar concept in the business world with more and more companies adopting this approach to improve innovation and drive change. Yet, there appear to be some misconceptions about design thinking. So, let’s clear up a few misconceptions about design thinking. 1. Design thinking is NOT about artistic skills. When […]

What is Design Thinking?: A Brief Introduction

What is Design Thinking? One of the challenges with introducing the concept of design thinking is that this concept does not have one agreed upon definition. Depending on the source you consult the definition defers slightly and the concept can be a bit elusive to understand. In an attempt to address this, I consulted 164 pieces […]