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Design Thinking in Action: Insights from the field

A question I often get is, how do we put Design Thinking into practice? This is a complex question to answer because Design Thinking is flexible and can be applied in many ways so, context is important. In this article, I attempt to […]

Four Strategies for Increasing Empathy

Recently, I was asked the question, how can we increase the use of empathy? It is exciting to see the growing interest in developing empathy. It seems empathy is finally being recognized for the important role it plays in our social and organizational interactions. Empathy […]

Empathy: Why It Needs To Be Part Of Your Competitive Strategy

Lately, terms like “human-centered” and “customer-centric” are becoming part of business lingo. These terms call for companies to examine their business from the perspective of their customers, to understand the challenges of the people they serve, to see the world through the eyes […]

Failed? Why you need to share your failure story

  Design thinking encourages failure because failure is a critical step on the road to success. Most of our lives, we have been trained to believe that failing is bad. We have been conditioned to avoid failure and somewhere along the way we have […]


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